India's First International News Journal

India's First International News Journal

Saturday, August, 13, 2022

Topic: FD interest rates


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Offering higher FD rates, and quick online process

The returns of many investment options are impacted by market volatility, but fixed deposits are not one of them. Because FD interest rates are...

A Safe Investment Option to Grow your Money

The fixed deposit is a humble instrument that Indians have been investing in for ages where they can stay assured that their funds will...

High Interest Rates Make Bajaj Finance FD the Ideal Investment Avenue for One’s Diwali Bonus

The commencement of Diwali is accompanied by the joy of receiving one’s Diwali bonus. With the much-awaited Diwali bonuses being credited widely, it can...

Where should One Choose to Invest

Investing in a sound financial tool that is unlikely to get impacted by market fluctuations is a great option to safeguard one's earnings. Fixed...