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Wednesday, November, 30, 2022

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Topic: Global Health

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Global Health: Corona mutants may return the confrontation to zero

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, renewed his warnings that the world will not be safe from the threat of Corona...

Canadian Specialist Hospital Partners with KEF Healthcare to launch Centre of Excellence in the UAE

Meitra Care Network (MCN), an initiative by KEF Healthcare, announced its partnership with Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) to launch a collaborative Centre of Excellence...

COVID-19, our most challenging teacher

According to some genetic studies of COVID-19 samples, scientists suggest that COVID-19 emerged in China a year ago. However, Chinese authorities only informed the...

5 Reasons Candida Auris Threatens the Global Health Community

Candida Auris is a relatively new fungus that was unknown and unidentified before 2009. It was first detected in Japan, and it has since...

The Unsung Heroes in the COVID-19 Era, Pharmacists

The novel coronavirus disease outbreak, widely known as COVID-19 was first recorded in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. This disease was declared...

Life after Corona crisis – A new normal and changes in the economy

The Spanish flu that spread close to the end of World War-I wiped out almost a tenth of the population at that time. The...

Pope Francis asks to invest in health to the heads of the nations of the world

The Pope Francisco today urged the leaders of the nations of the world "investing in health" and to recognize "the essential role" of nurses...

The Porn film industry can teach us how to take care of the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic strikes the world on three levels: the infected and the dead (almost 4 million and more than 271,000, as of May...

China and the US pledged to implement the trade agreement

Trade representatives from China and the United States agreed on Friday to implement the trade agreement signed in January, official sources said, despite mounting tensions over the new coronavirus pandemic.