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India's First International News Journal

Saturday, August, 13, 2022

Topic: Hamster


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In Slovenia, a domestic white skunk found infected with the coronavirus

In Slovenia, a case of coronavirus infection has been confirmed for the first time in a domestic animal, and it is a white ferret...

Already twelve panels closed in Rhineland-Palatinate

MAINZ - The corona virus also hits the tablets in Rhineland-Palatinate hard. Two weeks ago, the state association reported significant declines in donations due...

Jena plans to wear a face mask

Jena - The large Thuringian city of Jena is planning to wear a mask in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic - but no...

A supermarket in the time of Corona: the enemy is invisible

"We all underestimated that. However, consciousness must first establish how dangerous this virus is. And then these hamster purchases. I've been a retail salesman...

Coronavirus: Rewe is looking for new help for corona

There are no supply problems, says the head of the large German retail chain. And expresses a wish to customers. high demand due to the...

Coronavirus: Germany in the corona crisis-A country is Braking

Eine young woman pulling the collar of her jacket open in front of her face and coughed into it. Together with the two other...