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Topic: Hypothesis

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Vaccine Leak – Pharma mafia ready with a new COVID vaccine for new Coronavirus

The German laboratory BioNTech, which together with the American Pfizer produced the first internationally approved vaccine against Covid-19, could supply a vaccine adapted to...

Research has shown that a person with a positive PCR test 10 days after symptoms has a small chance of being infectious

A well-known scientist of Montenegrin origin, Marija Backović, a doctor of biochemical sciences and molecular genetics, who has been working at the Pasteur Institute...

Biological weapons: from Bubonic plague to coronavirus

Each time a new disease arises, and even more so when it becomes an epidemic or, as in the case of the Coronavirus infection...

USA: Pompeo’s attack heightens tension between the United States and China

One against open. The accusations that the United States and China reproach refer to the darker times of bilateral relations between the two superpowers. Economic...

India: Reinventing the Indian CSR landscape during COVID crisis

COVID-19, a term which was a mere medical acronym prior to December 2019, has now so fundamentally altered the lives of people, economies and...

Strategies for staying mentally healthy during nCOVID-19 pandemic

The outbreak of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can affect the psychological health and mental wellbeing of people. Anxiety over contracting and spreading the...