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Friday, December 8, 2023

News about Islamic religious police

Iran’s Largest E-commerce Company Faces Shutdown Over Hijab Controversy: A New Wave of Moral Policing Emerges

Tehran, Iran (TEH) - In an unprecedented show of hardline Islamic conservatism, the Iranian authorities have closed down one of the offices of Digikala,...

Iran Resumes Morality Police Patrols to Reinforce Dress Code in Cities

Tehran, Iran - In a recent development, Iranian authorities have declared the reinstatement of patrols aimed at enforcing a stringent dress code that mandates...

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US-Ukraine Agreement: A strategic escalation in arms production and data exchange

In a significant move to bolster defense collaboration, the United States and Ukraine have signed an agreement to expand...

Senate Republicans block Ukraine, Israel Aid bill amid border dispute

In a significant development in the US Senate, an emergency spending bill aimed at providing billions of dollars in...

The Orgasm Gap: A Silent Inequality Exposed – How Culture and Misunderstanding Fuel a Sexual Divide

The sexual revolution of the 20th century brought many taboos into the open, but one aspect of sexual inequality remains largely unspoken: the orgasm gap. This term refers to the disparity in the frequency of orgasms between heterosexual men...

Rekindling the Flame: Tracey Cox’s Four-Step Plan to Revive Intimacy in Relationships

Renowned sex expert Tracey Cox, a name synonymous with sexual education and empowerment, has presented a comprehensive and detailed approach to resolving a commonly encountered dilemma in relationships – the decline in sexual interest and satisfaction. With decades of...