India's First International News Journal

India's First International News Journal

Saturday, August, 13, 2022

Topic: Online Education


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Best Practices for Schools in Lockdown Exit strategy

The covid-19 Pandemic has affected learning in school in many ways. The fear of losing the learning pace with routine schooling could be one...

The curious case of “No School and No Fees” In India

No School, No Fees, a demand, on paper, seems concise and simple but will be a huge blow to the economic dynamics of society. The...

REsolv Corporation, USA, organizes a one-month online training program

A one-month Professional Development and Personality Enrichment (PDPE) online training program, was organized by REsolv Corporation, Massachusetts, USA. The program commenced on May 4,...

Life after Corona crisis – A new normal and changes in the economy

The Spanish flu that spread close to the end of World War-I wiped out almost a tenth of the population at that time. The...

Online Platforms: A Guide to E- Teaching

As the academic scenario is supposed to change at a rapid pace, the development of e-learning and e-teaching becomes important. Teachers who work within...