India's First International News Journal

India's First International News Journal

Tuesday, August, 9, 2022

Topic: Organized crime


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Sex racket of Mina Farah, an ex-Hindu, exposed

To a segment of people in Bangladesh, Mina Farah, a blackmailer, whore, and Islamist cohort who is known for her nefarious activities against Bangladesh,...

Ecuador: Death toll from prison riots rises to 116

The number of victims of the riots that broke out in a prison in Ecuador rose to 116, while the number of injured reached...

Sales of Iraqi “treasures” of Sumer and Babylon on the Internet

Hundreds of dollars are enough to buy a Sumerian clay tablet dating back to three thousand years BC, through the "Live Auctions" site, and...

Social crimes and mafia and/or mafia type organizations

In every society, there are some forms of social crimes ranging from minor to major such as from theft to robbery to drug, human...

Transnational gold smuggling questions the purity of gold

In India Gold is part of culture, sign of prosperity, symbol of wealth, and is part and parcel of life. The demand for the...

Italy: Authorities release 750 serious criminals including mafia bosses from prison

Their names are Francesco Bonura and Vincenzino Iannazzo. Both are sentenced to long terms in prison for mafia crimes, but they are released from...