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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

News about Oromia State

Ethiopia.. Oromia State forms a regional government

On Saturday, Oromia state, in central-western Ethiopia, formed the country's first new regional government, after the parliamentary and regional council elections held on June...

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Nobel Prize in Physics for L’Huillier, Agostini and Krausz for the study of electrons

Frenchman Pierre Agostini, Austrian-Hungarian Ferenc Krausz and Franco-Swedish Anne L'Huillier won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for...

US Senator Doug Larsen died in a plane crash with his wife and children

Senator Doug Larsen, a North Dakota state representative, died in a plane crash in Utah with his wife and...

The Orgasm Gap: A Silent Inequality Exposed – How Culture and Misunderstanding Fuel a Sexual Divide

The sexual revolution of the 20th century brought many taboos into the open, but one aspect of sexual inequality remains largely unspoken: the orgasm gap. This term refers to the disparity in the frequency of orgasms between heterosexual men...

Rekindling the Flame: Tracey Cox’s Four-Step Plan to Revive Intimacy in Relationships

Renowned sex expert Tracey Cox, a name synonymous with sexual education and empowerment, has presented a comprehensive and detailed approach to resolving a commonly encountered dilemma in relationships – the decline in sexual interest and satisfaction. With decades of...