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India's First International News Journal

Tuesday, August, 16, 2022

Topic: Photography


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A Tribute to the Heritage Monuments through the Lens of a Camera

Ambareesh Pittie, a self-taught photographer based out of Hyderabad, will be showcasing his photography through his new project. ‘Without a Map’, the coffee table...

Hijab and Gothic: Buttoned up to the throat or with a cleavage, a woman must be respected!

Novi Pazar Selma Mekic, an Islamic pedagogue, calligrapher and fashion designer, and Maja Krsmanović from Belgrade, also a regionally known and recognized fashion designer,...

What happens behind the closed doors of the swingers club – “Swingers for all ages”

Lawrence and Jess are a couple who opened a club together in Australia six years ago. This club is not a traditional venue but a...