India's First International News Journal

India's First International News Journal

Friday, August, 19, 2022

Topic: Public sector


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Human development: What and how?

The concept of development broadly indicates successive states of growth or advancement of any entity. Successive states of growth essentially involve the existence of...

What could COVID mean for the social fabric of India?

There has been an understandable desire to identify the result of these Covid-19 dark moments in global history when much of the world has...

Who is the Neuss family in Argentina and what businesses did it promote

Is very likely that most Argentines identify the surname Neuss with a brand of soda. This is because the employer Jorge Justo Neuss (h)...

Oil price – devastating consequences for the Middle East

The region is dependent on oil. Now there will be an economic crisis in addition to the health one. Some countries are particularly hard...

Realistic basis – Mannheimer Morgen

The economies have not participated in the perceived competition for the bleak forecast. The Munich Ifo Institute recently came to the conclusion that the...

Sparkasse boss: KfW program will not help all companies

Frankfurt / Main (TEH) - According to Sparkasse President Helmut Schleweis, the KfW special credit program will be of little use to coping with...