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India's First International News Journal

Friday, August, 12, 2022

Topic: Quality of life


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Climate change threatens the Gulf .. “unbearable heat” and efforts to survive

Samir rides his motorbike under the sun in Dubai, where temperatures in summer can reach 45 degrees Celsius. In the Gulf region known for...

MBS discusses Green Middle East initiative with King Abdullah II of Jordan on call

The official Saudi Press Agency said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made a phone call, Monday, to His Majesty King Abdullah II...

Bin Salman presents the “Green Middle East” initiative to Arab leaders as part of Vision 2030

"The Green Middle East Initiative aims, in partnership with the countries of the region, to plant 50 billion trees, as the largest reforestation program...

Insurance Cover for Health Care Workers: Can Money get you experience and expertise?

When the news of corona-warriors dying of the very disease they are fighting against, rang bells in the ears of the government, the Ministry...

State extends entitlement to emergency care

More families in Brandenburg can now claim emergency care for their children. This emerges from a letter that the Brandenburg Ministry of Health sent...