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Friday, August, 19, 2022

Topic: Sirte


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The “Libyan Dilemma”…a historical crisis and complex paths

The Libyan political crisis is escalating, with two competing governments, an ongoing struggle for "wealth and power" between East and West, and a failure...

How will Libya’s foreign minister remove foreign mercenaries?

International powers have made progress since the Berlin Conference on the expulsion of foreign fighters from Libya. Libya has seen little stability since the 2011...

The Libyan army monitors the movements of Wagner’s mercenaries from Al-Jufra to Sirte

The Libyan army announced, on Wednesday, the monitoring of the movements of mercenaries of the Russian "Wagner" group, from the city of Al-Jufra to...

Tobruk supporters of Haftar claim that Egypt has the right to “intervene militarily” in Libya

The remaining deputies in the Tobruk House of Representatives in favor of the revolutionary general Khalifa Hifter announced that they had allowed Egypt to...

Washington and Paris call for reducing escalation in Libya

The Libyan National Accord Government forces destroyed six Russian air defense systems, and reinforced their positions near the city of Tarhuna; As a prelude...