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Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Landslides, sinkholes, floodwaters plague soggy California

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sinkholes swallowed cars and floodwaters swamped towns and swept away a small boy as California was wracked by more wild...

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State Department approves sale of up to $10 billion of missile and artillery systems to Poland

The State Department has approved a possible sale of long-range missiles, rockets and launchers to Poland in a deal...

Forty-seven pro-democracy activists tried in Hong Kong face life imprisonment

Nearly fifty people, accused of wanting to overthrow the executive, appear from Monday for four months in Hong Kong....

North Korea plans to expand and intensify military exercises

As tension has escalated on the peninsula, North Korea announced on Tuesday that it would expand and intensify its...

In Kharamanmaras, “half the city is reduced to dust”

In Kharamanmaras, in southern Turkey, the race against time continues to find possible survivors under the rubble. In the...

“If the boyfriend refuses to do this in the bedroom, break up with him”

Sex expert Nadia Bokody urges women to break up with their boyfriends if he refuses to engage in bedroom foreplay. In a new column on she says that's reason enough to end the relationship and refers to the...

Shocked TV Woman – I heard a pornstar at work behind the door

TV host Alice Levine was shocked to say the least when she heard a man...