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India's First International News Journal

Tuesday, August, 16, 2022

Topic: Ukraine International Airlines (UIA)


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US accuses Iran of covering up those responsible for plane crash near Tehran

The United States of America accuses the Iranian authorities of covering up those responsible for the plane crash of Flight PS752 - the plane...

Zelensky awards the title of Hero of Ukraine to the crew members of the Boeing shot down over Tehran

Members of the crew of the UIA Boeing, shot down by the air defense of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the skies over...

Ukrainian Boeing UIA Crash: Iranian authorities spoke about the investigation

Flight recorders recorded the conversations of the crew of a Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran after the explosion of the first missile. The...

Iran’s intention to transfer UIA black boxes to France does not match Tehran’s official position

The Iranian state agency ISNA reported that it had been decided in Iran not to give away the "black boxes " of the UIA...

Iran’s defense minister accepts the mistake which led to the crash of the Ukrainian plane

The missile system operator who violated the rules of firing "without permission" in the circumstances prevailing at that time was guilty of the downing...