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“Sensitive information” .. Data leaked to 3.3 million customers of “Volkswagen”

The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, announced on Friday that it was exposed to an information hack that led to the leakage of data at...

China, where millions of Uyghurs live in concentration camps, accuses US of “chronic disease” of racism

Chinese authorities have accused the United States of a "chronic disease" of racism amid ongoing protests in the United States, triggered by several high-profile...

BMW stops operations in European plants

BMW is shutting down its production due to the coronavirus pandemic and expects a significant drop in sales and profits in the current year....

New record year for PSA which is resisting the downturn

French automaker PSA, in the process of merging with Fiat Chrysler, posted record net profit in 2019, up 13.2% to 3.2 billion euros, despite...