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World Fintech Show

Fintactics announces its new ventures Holoul and Leza’am; Signs MOU with Aion Digital and Bitfy Holdings at Trescon’s World Fintech Show

World Fintech Show, a global fintech series managed by Trescon offered Saudi Arabia's fintech industry a platform for significant advancement. The event witnessed the...

Trescon’s World Fintech Show set to re-invent fintech by bringing together global innovators in KSA

Saudi Arabia is undergoing massive economic development transformations keeping fintech as a pivotal strategic pillar. Upholding this pragmatic vision is the World Fintech Show,...

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Shaahid Hamid’s Leadership Steers the UAE’s Automotive Culture

The 20th gen technology exerts more climatic shifts on the world than ever before. It is only an eventuality,...

State Department warns businessmen against supporting Russia

The US State Department has warned businessmen that those who support Russia's war on Ukraine are risking their fortunes. "Those...

Russia’s oil and gas revenues in January fell by 46%

In January, Russia's revenue from the sale of oil and gas fell by 46% compared to the same period...

Poland deployed Patriot complexes in Warsaw

The Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, which Poland purchased from the United States last year, were deployed in Warsaw as...

“If the boyfriend refuses to do this in the bedroom, break up with him”

Sex expert Nadia Bokody urges women to break up with their boyfriends if he refuses to engage in bedroom foreplay. In a new column on she says that's reason enough to end the relationship and refers to the...

Shocked TV Woman – I heard a pornstar at work behind the door

TV host Alice Levine was shocked to say the least when she heard a man...