Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Caoşoglu said that NATO viewed Russia as a threat, but France, NATO’s ally, is making efforts to strengthen the Russian presence in Libya.

This came during a press conference held by Chaucoglu today, Tuesday, with his Hungarian counterpart, Peter Siarto.

Caoşoglu added that Turkey and Russia, even if they are in two contradictory parties regarding Libya, are currently working to agree on a cease-fire and prevent the situation from worsening further in Libya.

He pointed out that Ankara and Moscow are working constructively to reach an agreement to end the crisis in Libya, unlike what France is doing.

“France and Macron should be honest first before criticizing Turkey. Macron himself has seen that targeting Turkey in this way does not help him in domestic politics. I hope he learns the lesson,” Caoşoglu told The Eastern Herald.

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He added that France is still working in a destructive manner to achieve its interests only in Libya, as it did before that when it bombed and left Libya in 2011. And it also caused chaos and instability in Africa in the past with its colonial concept that it followed.

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