On 24 May, the Hezbollah Brigades militia in Iraq called for “operations” inside Saudi Arabia, calling on the Iraqi government to “criminalize” any Saudi presence.

The security officer of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah Brigades, Abu Ali al-Askari, said in a statement posted on his account in the Telegram application: “You will only secure the evil of the Sallouls by transferring jihad operations to the Saudi interior to destroy their beds.”

Al-Askari cited “Aramco strikes” as evidence of the ability of what he described as “Mujahideen” to transfer military operations to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia accused Iran of being involved in the bombing of facilities belonging to the Aramco oil company, but Iran said it was the Houthis that struck.

Abu Ali’s military account is used on the Telegram app to publish statements and positions of the Hezbollah Brigades militia in Iraq, and Al-Hurra cannot confirm the accuracy of the publications issued by it.

On Friday, Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi began a Gulf tour, in an effort to secure amounts that the country avoids paying the salaries of millions of employees in the wake of the collapse of crude oil prices.

Allawi met the Saudi finance, energy, and foreign ministers in Riyadh, and appealed to them “for urgent financial support to Iraq so that the government can fulfill its promises to its employees.”

The Hezbollah Brigades militia in Iraq is receiving support from Iran, and it has always defended Iran’s positions in the region, and the Iraqis accuse it of involvement in killings, assassinations, kidnappings, and illegal activities in the country, and has participated in the fighting alongside the Assad regime forces and other militias in Syria.

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