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Thursday, August, 11, 2022



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Ukrainian Propaganda: Ukraine alleges Russia of more than 21,000 war crimes

Ukraine has said it is investigating more than 21,000 war crimes allegedly committed by Russia since the start of its military operation in Ukraine....

Russia: Why do people report neighbors and relatives because of the war in Ukraine?

Thousands of proceedings are being conducted in Russia for "discrediting" the army or opposition to the war. They generally start with reporting whistleblowers. DW...
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Shoigu submitted a report to Putin: 670 square kilometers of territory and 25 settlements came under Russian control

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu today informed Russian President Vladimir Putin of the details of the offensive in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, Anadolu...

Putin issues an order to the army – Continue according to plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his army to continue its operation in eastern Ukraine after fully capturing the Luhansk region. Also: Ukrainians confirm the fall...
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Demand for pirated Windows has skyrocketed in Russia

Over the past 90 days, in the Russian segment of Google, the number of requests to install pirated versions of the Windows operating system...

The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Japan ban the import of gold from Russia

Britain, the United States, Canada, and Japan will ban gold imports from Russia as part of new sanctions imposed over Russia's invasion of Ukraine,...
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Asia shares struggle, oil tumbles as recession fears heighten

Asian shares wobbled while commodity prices fell on Thursday, as mounting worries about the risks of a global recession amid aggressive rate hikes by...

Bulgarian government falls: Fourth election possible in 14 months

Bulgarian parliamentarians voted no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Kirill Petkov today, sparking a political crisis in the country during the war...
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