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Tuesday, June, 28, 2022


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Bulgarian government falls: Fourth election possible in 14 months

Bulgarian parliamentarians voted no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Kirill Petkov today, sparking a political crisis in the country during the war...

Milanovic: EU needs to lower Bosnia’s standards for candidate status

Today, at the Prespa Dialogue Forum in Ohrid, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said that the European Union should lower the standards for the countries...
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Abazović from Kiev: We have made Montenegro an important diplomatic player in the world

The biggest battle in the whole world is being fought here today, and we have shown that small Montenegro can be a predecessor of...

The Netherlands supports Albania and Northern Macedonia’s EU bids

After years of opposition, the Netherlands has backed Albania's and Northern Macedonia's EU bids. Prime Minister Mark Rutte supported the candidacies of these two Balkan...
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A severe storm hit western Serbia: Destroyed roads, locals fear landslides

A strong storm followed by heavy rain did not bypass western Serbia again. Huge amounts of water caused the greatest material damage this time...

A storm in Albania: 1 dead, at least 20 missing, many injured, and flooded cities

A storm in Albania has claimed at least one life today, flooding cities and causing power outages in the capital Tirana, authorities said,
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Russia Threatens Again: Gas export to northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria should be banned

According to Vladimir Jabarov, the first deputy chairman of the Committee on International Affairs at the Council of the Russian Federation, Russia should not...

Lavrov fiercely attacks Brussels: Visit to Serbia should be a confirmation of the position on Kosovo and BiH

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that it was obvious that Brussels and NATO wanted to turn the region into a "closed Balkans". At...
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