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International Soft tennis player, in India no. 3. Studying at Dwarka International School, Dwarka. Contributor to The Eastern Herald.

Polarity in planks of tennis culture

It is not because of the people staring from outside, neither it is that I don't know how to hit, but my heart races,...
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Call for Nationalism of no-nations

Humanity is like a lamp in the dark, many follow the virtues as they can very well see it, but some tend to shut...
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Expounded complexity of “stick to sports”

It has been weeks to George Floyd's murder, which provoked millions of souls across the globe against racism. With anti-racism #GeorgeFloyd protest of masses fluctuating...
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Sapna Choudhary: “Big Boss is a VIP Jail”, “Nepotism is curse to the industry”

Sapna Choudhary, an alluring Haryanvi dance performer, known for her stage performances, began her journey from Ragini dance Orchestra facing hurdles to nationwide acknowledgment...
climate change hare and tortoise disaster

“Nature” the Tortoise, Hare “the blind race of development”

For decades humanity is undermining the power of nature by claiming to regenerate it through mere schemes. India stands on 77th in the sustainability...
Draupadi Cheerharan in Mahabharata

After effects of folkloric society

Ancient scriptures written thousands of years ago show relevancy in our lives although it is on us how we perceive and pass it on...

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