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Monday, November, 28, 2022
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Miral Sabry AlAshry



An Associate Professor at Future University in Egypt(FUE), Political Mass Media Department. Author of the book - The Struggle for Libya. Contributor to The Eastern Herald from Egypt.

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How does the Ukrainian crisis affect Libya?

Russia has started a military operation in Ukraine despite Western warnings from the European Union and the threat to impose sanctions on Moscow that...

Why Libya’s election has collapsed at that time?

Libya election would not take on 24 December but it has not set a new date or worked out how to move forward to...

Why did the UN Special Envoy, Ján Kubiš resign a month before the Libyan presidential elections?

The UN special envoy for Libya, Ján Kubiš has quit just a month before crucial presidential elections in the war-torn nation without giving Security...

Why a parallel government in Libya?

The High State Council (HSC) continues to indirectly seek to prevent the holding of elections. On the other hand, the world continues to push...

Libya Elections 2021: Why do foreign powers back the Dec. 24 national election?

Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah supported the holding of a national election on Dec.24 as envisaged in a U.N.-backed peace plan. The situation has...

Migrants in Libya suffered from crackdowns and killings

Hundreds of migrants and refugees including women and children have been rounded up, arbitrarily detained, and are at risk of abuse and ill-treatment, waited...

The Arab Parliament meeting: security and stability of Libya are a necessity to the stability of the entire region

The Arab Parliament participants from Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Congo, and Niger, rejected all forms of foreign interference in Libya's internal affairs, and want...

How will Libya’s foreign minister remove foreign mercenaries?

International powers have made progress since the Berlin Conference on the expulsion of foreign fighters from Libya. Libya has seen little stability since the 2011...

Oil smuggling in Libya: from oil depots to ISIS. Society suffers from chaos

The state of the health system in Libya, which has always been effective, is now in a very critical situation. Several hospitals were closed,...