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Monday, May 29, 2023

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar



Pakistani Civil Servant and Socio-Political Analyst. A contributor to The Eastern Herald.

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Is it the end of Democracy-Dictatorship brawl ?

President Xi is welcoming while President Trump is adamant whereas President Putin is indifferent while Prime Minister Johnson stands admitted in a hospital. The...

Eavesdropping at Beijing-Washington ‘Secret Talk’

Beijing-Washington talks were eavesdropped hearing, “Let us divide the world into two halves. You keep the east and let the west remain with me....

Pandemic World looks bright for the Troika of China-India-Pakistan

Globalization is ending and the world is taking a huge turn to an unknown transition of political, social and economic cultures and status quo....

Is Corona our next evolution level?

It would take us considerable time to clean the world of corona and perhaps we might well be living with it forever. Corona has...

Afghanistan: Twin Presidents and the Single Peace Deal

What happens when you run out of leadership? You become a laughing stock and an ever brawling pack of people. You become clueless about...

Keep the Globe Locked Down

Coronavirus global lockdown was before the World Wars when Man last experienced peace and tranquility in the timeline of his existence. After that, it...

What happens when you do not have permanent friends and enemies?

What happens when you do not have permanent friends and enemies?What do having good fiends do especially when you are so very much powerful?...

The twin wild realities expositions of Corona

Roads are off traffic, cities’ hustle and bustle is pacified, shopping malls are deserted and everyone is masked yet facing an invisibly supermassive sight...

The Humanity’s Home that once India was!

What happens when a Standard falls apart? The immediate fall out is that the conceived realities become fickle fictions and an ideological perception change occurs....