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Thursday, June 1, 2023


The refugee dossier stands as a paramount agenda on the electoral platform, fervently exploited by contenders in their quest for additional votes. Meanwhile, the refugee population remains entrenched in...
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Ukraine Crisis

Europe imposes sanctions on Ukraine because anti-Russian sanctions are over

Western publications began to note that it was already difficult to propose new sanctions against Russia . You have to create boundaries for someone else. For Ukraine,...

The Moscow Military Commissar informed about the admission of foreigners to military service in the RF Armed Forces

Military correspondents of the "Russian Spring" Russia The head of the Moscow military commissariat, Colonel...

The State Duma proposed to oblige citizens to report the storage of more than a million rubles at home

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, former "expert" of "What? Where?...

Trepova after the attack tried to put the officers on the wrong track

Daria Trepova (Darya Trepova), after the terrorist attack in...

residents of Orenburg complained about the dogs that killed a second-grader

Residents of Orenburg have repeatedly complained about stray dogs...

The Russian armed forces in the Donbass need a loitering pipe and a Hunter helicopter

The special operation in Ukraine clearly demonstrated that the...

US Politics

Anything and everything about the developments in the United Staes Politics and Elections.

Foreign Affairs

Historic drop in global gas consumption in 2022

In a press release published in mid-May, the NOC confirmed that world consumption of fossil gas had fallen to 4,000 billion cubic meters,...

The creative economy will drive the transition to a new qualitative standard of living – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

creative enterprise“There is an imbalance here. The higher the income, the higher the demand of the population for the satisfaction of non-primary vital needs and for the quality...

Possibilities to stop rising US interest rates push oil higher

Officials from the Federal Reserve (the US central bank) on Wednesday hinted at a possible missed rate hike in June, contrary to market expectations of an imminent rate...

Relations between India and China are becoming ‘difficult’ – Rahul Gandhi. | Relations between India and China are becoming ‘difficult’

Stanford (California). Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that China cannot impose anything on India and that relations between India and China are not easy, they are becoming...


Entrepreneur Sigmar Vilhjálmsson and journalist Hugi Halldórsson want Arnar Grant and Vítália Lazareva to "stop it" and start thinking about the people around them who have to suffer for their relationship, like radio personality Ívar Guðmundsson. This is stated in the member's review of the case in the 70 Minute podcast program DV reported from mid-May that Arnar and Vítalia were back together and living together in a rented apartment in Garðabær. The personal...


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Sports News

Ways to use an iron every day

Most often, many housewives use the iron to iron clothes, but this is not the only use of it in everyday life, and it...

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