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Kolkata. At least 35 weapons and arms caches...
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Ukraine Crisis

Massive Dam at Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant Destroyed, Russia and Ukraine Trade Blame

In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, a major Soviet-era dam at the Kakhovka hydropower plant in Southern Ukraine has been blown up, resulting in a fierce blame game...

Is Joe Biden hiding the truth from the world, not Ukraine, America is fighting a war with Russia, why are experts saying this?

Washington. Recently, the American investigative agency FBI has arrested 21-year-old Jack Teixeira....

The Moscow Military Commissar informed about the admission of foreigners to military service in the RF Armed Forces

Military correspondents of the "Russian Spring" Russia The head of the Moscow military commissariat, Colonel...

US Politics

Anything and everything about the developments in the United Staes Politics and Elections.

Foreign Affairs

Xi Jinping has a phone conversation with the President of South Africa

On the night of June 9, Chinese President Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. Xi Jinping pointed...

How the Trimorye project should cancel Russian gas exports to Europe

At the beginning of June 2023, it became known that Ukraine does not intend to renew the Russian gas transit agreement after 2024, when the current one expires. ...

China warns US not to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs

Havana described the reports based on statements made by unnamed US officials to the Wall Street Journal as "false and baseless", while the White House considered them to be...

What drones are needed for the success of the Russian counteroffensive

The large-scale offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that began on the southern front has once again confirmed that it is much more comfortable to sit in fortified...


The rainbow flag has been a symbol of the queer community since the 1970s. But where did it come from? Why was it chosen to have a multicolored flag in the first place? And what happened to the man who dreamed of a symbol of unity for homosexuals? In 1978, a man named Harvey Milk asked his friend, artist Gilbert Baker, to design a symbol for the gay community. He found the absence of such...


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Sports News

Margot Robbie’s best movie roles

She played a sexually harassed Fox News anchor, a brash and determined figure skater, an aspiring comic book artist, an aspiring 1920s starlet, a...

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Latest News

Fitch downgrades Tunisia’s credit rating to -ccc due to financial crisis

Fitch said in a statement that the country's credit...

France appoints Le Drian as envoy to Lebanon. Will the president’s crisis end?

According to French and Lebanese media, the mission of...

Britain: Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns from the membership of Parliament

London: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson surprised the...


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