ROCKET ATTACK FROM GAZA: Israeli air force fires at Hamas target

A rocket from the narrow Palestinian Strip on the Mediterranean strikes southern Israel. The answer follows promptly.


After a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip, Israel fired at targets in the Palestinian territory again on Friday evening. A missile was fired from the coastal strip at Israeli citizens in the south of the country, said the Israeli army. As a result, targets of the Hamas ruling in the Gaza Strip were attacked. There were initially no reports of possible victims.

Israel tightened a blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007, which Egypt now supports. Both countries justify the measure with security considerations. Around two million inhabitants live in very bad conditions in the coastal strip. Palestinians regularly protest the blockade.


Hamas is classified by Israel, the United States and the EU as a terrorist organization. It is committed to the destruction of Israel. There are repeated confrontations between Israel and militant Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Negotiators from Egypt and the United Nations regularly work to calm the situation.


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