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Break for Vettel: Formula 1 is looking for an exit from the Corona crisis


Berlin ((TEH)) – Sebastian Vettel has to slow down his Formula 1 life for the time being. In his forced leisure time, he would probably tinker with an old motorcycle, Vettel let the Ferrari fans know in a short video from the sofa at home.
The bosses of the racing series, on the other hand, are forced to do much larger renovation work because of the consequences of the corona virus pandemic. They absolutely want to save the season of the motorsport premier class and their business, even if the first eight of the 22 World Cup races actually planned cannot take place until the beginning of June. An overview of the emergency measures:
ONLINE REASON: For fans and pilots who have been deprived of horsepower, Formula 1 started a virtual Grand Prix series that will be run on the dates of the races that are actually planned. In addition to experienced e-sports professionals, some racing drivers such as McLaren driver Lando Norris and Williams newcomer Nicholas Latifi also take part. More than 100,000 people were interested in watching the virtual Bahrain Grand Prix on YouTube alone. The motto for Formula 1: keep talking, open up new target groups.
FORCED HOLIDAY: Actually, the teams would have made their way to the premiere of the Vietnam guest performance these days. Instead, many are in the early factory holidays. The racing factories remain closed for at least three weeks, the wind tunnel and test benches are closed. Formula 1 actually does not take a vacation break until the middle of the season in August, but because of the Corona crisis, the summer vacation was brought forward without further ado.
CALENDAR PUZZLE: 15 to 18 races should still be run after the end of the time-out, said Formula 1 boss Chase Carey. As of now, it would start in Canada on June 14th, but a city race in Montreal seems hardly conceivable at the moment. Travel restrictions and the state of the spread of the corona virus are likely to influence where and when the racing series tries to restart. The old calendar for 2020 should at best serve as a drawing board for new designs. Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone also raised compensation payments for race organizers who would have to be forced to a new and less convenient date.
SEASON EXTENSION: The season finale will be held later than November 29, Carey said. Abu Dhabi should actually be the end on the first Advent. Now the top Formula 1 drivers are already talking about a final in early 2021. “Two or three races in January” could be possible, said Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto at Sky Italia. The world association FIA has “complete freedom” in the design of the new calendar. The 2021 season could then start again in March after a short winter break.
NEW FORMAT: The debate about reforms in the practiced course of the racing weekends has been smoldering for a long time. Now the Corona crisis could force Formula 1 to cut gigs in order to dose the burden and the costs. According to Binotto, Friday training could at least be omitted at some Grand Prix, and qualification would follow on Saturday after a few trial rounds. Or there is training on Saturday and first the qualification and then the race on Sunday. These days there are hardly any bans on thinking in Formula 1 either – to save what can be saved.
Statement from Formula 1 boss Carey
Statements from Ferrari team boss Binotto
Vettel statements

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