Rule changes for Formula 1 in corona crisis


Paris – Formula 1 should be able to demonstrate the speed of action in the face of the Corona crisis. To this end, the world automotive association Fia announced a series of rule changes in Paris.

For example, the regulatory agency Fia and Formula 1 can make changes to the racing calendar without coordination. In this special situation, certain rule adjustments require the approval of only 60 percent of the teams, i.e. six out of a total of ten.

FIA boss Jean Todt should have more room to maneuver in “urgent matters”. In addition, the Motorsport World Council approved the postponement of the rule revolution actually planned for 2021. For cost reasons, the measures should only take effect from the 2022 season. In addition, the DAS (Dual Axis Steering) presented by Mercedes in the tests this year is prohibited for 2021. The world champion team had amazed other racing teams with this dual-axis control.


For the coming year, the cars in the racing series should actually change massively. They should become heavier and a little slower, and the aerodynamics should also change. In this way, the rule-keepers want to ensure more equal opportunities and more exciting Formula 1 races. Now the teams can postpone the long-started and expensive development work.

Formula 1 wanted to complete 22 races this season, more than ever before. In view of the Corona crisis, the first eight Grand Prix of this season were either postponed or canceled. The series is currently planning 15 to 18 races. The start is currently targeted for June.

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