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Foxes trainer Roth has survived coronavirus infection

Berlin – Coach Michael Roth from the Bundesliga handball team Fuchse Berlin has survived his coronavirus infection well.

“I received positive news from the health department that I am out of quarantine,” said the 58-year-old to the German Press Agency. Roth previously had to stay in his Hamburg apartment for 14 days. Now he can at least go to a supermarket again.

Especially the first days of the illness were not easy for the coach. He had sweats, runny nose, body aches and felt very tired. “If you’ve followed the news so that people get seriously ill or even die, you’re already relieved,” he said.

He wasn’t afraid, but it was a difficult situation for the head. “Then, of course, the psyche begins. You have a lot of respect. I’m already heading for 60. I still feel young, but suddenly you notice that you are at the risk group, ”said Roth. His players also gave him strength. “Everyone called me and wished me a speedy recovery,” he said.

When Roth got better, his thoughts revolved around handball. “One thinks about how to proceed. As a coach, I have to be optimistic that the season will continue. You have to be prepared for all scenarios, “he said. Roth only took over as coach in the capital after the separation from Velimir Petkovic at the end of February.

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