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“You learn to appreciate life again”

Plays for Union Berlin: Grischa Promel. Photo: Andreas Gora / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Andreas Gora / TEH)

Berlin – professional football player Grischa Promel from Union Berlin hopes that the corona crisis will bring about a positive change in society.

“A pandemic with its negative health consequences has nothing good, but maybe it will bring mankind back to the ground,” said the 25-year-old to the “kicker”. “You learn to appreciate life again, to slow down a bit and to enjoy simple things.”

His personal situation with a contract expiring on June 30 does not worry him too much, said Promel. “It’s not like I wake up with a stomachache every day because I don’t know what the future holds,” said the midfielder. Everyone knows that his contract expires. «But there is currently a bigger topic in the world. The priority is not whether I sign a new contract, but whether there are enough ventilators for patients in the current phase. »

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