The conspiracies have been treasured hallmark of the most of all the pandemics that existed till yet on this planet. Confiding on which one you believe, many ones have been calling it as a bio-weapon created by China, or American scientists, or rising of 5G technology has caused it, or it doesn’t exist, just a “hoax” made up just to alter the perspective of the entire planet. Conspiracy theorists also warn that any future “vaccine” will be a trick by governments to subjugate communities populations. These false beliefs are deeply consequential that will make it harder to end this pandemic with a vaccination which also risks making our politics even more dysfunctional.

Thousand of dubious and unfounded factious conspiracies have gone viral on the internet creating a hub of dis and miss-information regarding the origin, scale, prevention, diagnosis, treatment. Most of all social media cum conspiracy theorists are becoming an asset to states to have exploded with disinformation disrupting the geopolitical narratives. These amplifying rumors getting spread around have also stressed and replaced much of pre-existing factual dynamics available online with these gossips outright lies.

So! an opportunity for those who were looking for “sow chaos and doubt” and A nightmare for the governments throughout the world in enhancing confidence and belief in citizens by bestowing with the enlightenment of factual and realistic knowledge. Distressing is to see state media propagated by Tv anchors, celebrities, politicians have also been part of spreading and believing in such conspiracies.

Let’s take this to a broader level in evaluating the basis of most viral conspiracies online

A toll to control population control

(Population control scheme)

According to BBC, You Tubers are supporting “Far-right Qanon” against US president and anti-vax (Refusal to be vaccinated against any contagious disease despite availability) have falsely claimed the outbreak virus was created by a UK based research institute Pirbright.

It was also stated that this virus was created by those who control the money scheme to control the world and now they desired to control the population.

Bio-weapon by Chinese

An article published in The Washington Times claimed on Sunday, January 26, 2020, for this virus to have Lab made in Wuhan Institute of Virology and was also part of the Chinese biological weapon program. A racists statement from American president also came on display citing Covid-19 to be the Chinese virus.

US biological weapon

Many social media bloggers and thousands of accounts in Russia have deliberately promoted unfounded conspiracy for this virus to have prepared by CIA, USA as the US is waging an economic war on china by this virus.

Anti-Israeli and antisemitic

Various Arab states especially Iran has asserted and accused Israel and the USA as it was created and spread by Zionist elements who already made avian flu and SARS. Moreover, a press Tv of Iran also claimed and accused Israel that they took advantage of billions as being the most prominent participant in insider trading inside the stock market.

Spy operation

Many persons around the globe have alleged that the coronavirus was stolen by Chinese scientists from Canada as they had already access to the Canadian level 4 virology facility later which was revoked in the police investigation and stated this to be risk-free as nothing alike happened.

5G Technology

5G has been playing a vital and viral role in such conspiracies and this pandemic. Many conspiracy theorists have accused this virus is getting spread by radio waves running the 5G network around. Theories linking to mobile networks as a medium of spreading was later termed as worst kind of fake news by Professor Steve Powis, national medical director of NHS England. He stated it’s also spreading in the countries that do not possess 5G technology so it is worse to believe in such conspiracy.

Google has banned such terms related to various theories regarding the spread and origin of Covid-19, however, several social media platforms are also increasing their efforts to crack down on searching and posting of such conspiracies. Moreover, firstly removing “conspiracy” can itself fuel conspiracies by creating a censored sense of victimization.

Covid-19 conspiracies would be the Major miss understanding for our upcoming generations in research on possible reasons behind the Outbreak.

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