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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Former adviser to US President Bolton has called for a review of the number of nuclear warheads Fox News


“Faced with two primary adversaries in the nuclear field, the United States must urgently reconsider the requirements for warheads and ammunition delivery systems,” he said. Washington must resolve fundamental questions about the size of nuclear stockpiles, leads RIA News Bolton’s words.

He also suggests that the United States could face a “nuclear confrontation” with the Russian Federation, and if Washington emerges from this situation as a “winner”, it will face a nuclear confrontation with China. The former adviser did not rule out a simultaneous confrontation between the United States and its nuclear-armed allies, Moscow and Beijing.

Bolton also thinks it would be “suicidal” for the United States to hope to make do with the same amount of ammunition that other countries usually assume under arms control agreements. “It’s better to have those guns on hand, and then, if you want, limit the number of them, than not have enough,” Bolton said.

To avoid a global catastrophe, the United States must listen to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Such advice to Washington was given by the former adviser to the Pentagon chief, Douglas McGregor, recalling the suspension of Russia’s participation in the New START treaty. The US military noted that Russia now has more nuclear warheads than the United States and both countries could easily destroy the entire planet. Washington betrayed Moscow, but it’s not too late to fix everything. It is in our interests to restore the treaty, and Putin has made it clear that in this situation it is all up to the United States, McGregor stressed.

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