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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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NewsCorriere della Sera learned of the existence of assistants and "silencers" during the escape from the Uss in Italy

Corriere della Sera learned of the existence of assistants and “silencers” during the escape from the Uss in Italy

Krasnoyarsk Governor’s son Artem Uss was helped escape house arrest in Italy by six or seven accomplices, it is also suspected they used a frequency jammer when the electronic bracelet was damaged . Corriere della Sera writes about it.
Recall that the businessman Artem Uss, detained in Italy on an international warrant, left the place where he was under house arrest.
Recall that on the eve of the Italian court approved the extradition of Artyom Uss.
The judge ruled that conditions exist for the extradition of the defendants on the second and third counts of violation of the embargo against Venezuela and bank fraud.
Recall that in Italy, at the request of the United States, Artyom Uss, the son of the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Alexander Uss, was arrested. The US side accuses him of evading sanctions and money laundering. According to the US Department of Justice, the son of the head of the Russian region is currently awaiting extradition to the United States. Corriere della Sera learned about aides and silencers in Uss’ Italy escape

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