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About us

The Eastern Herald is an independent online source of information, news and press releases worldwide established in 2009. The Eastern Herald‘s main objective is to promote free speech and advocating minorities worldwide.

The Eastern Herald is the only news journal in India that defends the rights of Ahmadiya, Baha’i, Ismailia, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain when it is a religious minority in any country. Moreover, this newspaper is the platform for promoting interfaith harmony and confronting culture of hatred.

We are inviting people of every faith to write for this news journal. Read Eastern Herald and please introduce us to others. Eastern Herald seeks your active cooperation in emerging as the global voice of the religious minorities.

The Eastern Herald believes that this is the duty of the state to protect its citizens irrespective of their religion, faith, ethnicity, caste, colour or creed.

We firmly adhere and promote the following resolutions on ‘Freedom of Speech’:

  • General Assembly resolution 36/55 of 25 November 1981.
  • Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  • Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Human Rights Council resolution 19/8 of 22 March 2012.
  • Human Rights Council resolutions 5/1 and 5/2 of 18 June 2007.

In addition to these, we believe that any form of militancy based on religion, sect, region or any should be peacefully resolved. We strive to fight with the radical Islamic thoughts discouraging all militant and terrorist groups worldwide.

We do not endorse any thought, material, organization, people or anything related to the following militant and terrorist organizations:

  • Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba
  • Lashkar-e-Jhangwi
  • ISIS or Daish
  • Jamat-e-Islami
  • Hizbut Tahrir
  • Hizbut Towhid
  • Khatmey Nabuwat Movement
  • Al QaedaAQIS
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Al Shabab
  • Boko Haram
  • Ansar Al Islam
  • Hefazat e Islam
  • BDS Movement
  • ARSA


The vision of The Eastern Herald is to encourage free speech to protect the rights of the citizens of any nation around the world. We encourage people to write and spread awareness about different aspects of different topics which are not always discussed, and some facts which are a heretic to any specific religion, society or region. The motto of The Eastern Herald is to become the most reliable media and opinion sharing website in the world promoting Free Speech.


Our Founder

The Eastern Herald is an initiative by a renowned social worker and education mentor in India. Mr Muzaffar Ahmad who is also known as Mr Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa.

He started his journey in 2007 when he realized the value of idea sharing. After a rigorous working experience in different domains of corporate culture, he found a gross need of some valuable and reliable source of information especially on the topics which are not discussed among youth.

He always encouraged people towards ‘Love for All Hatred for None’. This is what he, all his life, taught others.

He served many organisations and found out that the true voice should be heard. Good versatile experience in Human Resources, Information Technology, and Education makes him a true spirit of present age with diversified backgrounds not only among Indian people but the other parts of the world too.

He, through his dedication towards promoting harmony among different cultures and religions, inspired many. Life Coach and Career Counselor are a couple of title keywords attached to his name.

He is always keen to inspire youngsters for education and leadership.