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Despite the victory… the mandate is likely to be the “most difficult” for Erdogan

Turkish analysts present these indicators, whether related to presidential or legislative elections, and monitor what voter voting trends mean, and the proportions of votes...

5 urgent files before Erdogan in mint condition

Since the 1990s, Erdogan has surpassed the results of 13 electoral elections and 3 popular referendums, the most recent of which was his victory...

Between continuity and collapse… an uncertain future for Turkey’s opposition alliance

Big questions are now being raised about the fate of the nation's alliance and its leaders, and whether it can continue after the loss,...

For these reasons, the debt ceiling agreement may not put an end to financial market fears

On Saturday, US President Joe Biden and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives announced a preliminary agreement on the public debt ceiling...

What does Erdogan’s victory mean for Turkey and the world?

Stations in the life of Erdogan Born in 1954 in Istanbul, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at Marmara University. He...

After the Biden and McCarthy deal… Republicans criticize the debt ceiling agreement

As Democratic and Republican negotiators finalize a deal to suspend the federal government's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling in the coming days, McCarthy could find...

Sultanate of Oman.. $3 billion surplus in 2022 budget

The budget approved at the beginning of last year forecast a deficit of 1.55 billion riyals. The Omani budget surplus came after actual revenue increased...

Morocco.. Enormous challenges to maintain food security

Before the current crisis, cultivated green spaces covered more than a quarter of the total area of ​​the Kingdom, an area of ​​particular...

Michael Bloomberg: Sultan Al Jaber is the right person to chair the climate summit

Bloomberg added that positive progress on climate-related issues is achieved through cooperation, not conflict, especially ahead of the COP28 Conference of the Parties, to...