Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Coronavirus, the latest updates from Italy and the World

From tomorrow in the main Italian cities, many parks will be closed: several mayors and governors have decided with ad hoc ordinances, given that...
A relative of the Hells Angels shot in Saint Lambert e1581915940446

A relative of the Hells Angels shot in Saint-Lambert

SAINT-LAMBERT | The man who was shot in broad daylight on Sunday as he strolled on Victoria Avenue in Saint-Lambert, on the South Shore, was...
Gabi Delgado-Lopez dies: Pretend it's the last time

Gabi Delgado-Lopez dies: Pretend it’s the last time

Long black eyelashes frame Gabi Delgado-Lopez's eyes. He looks into the face of the beholder. His bare skin is sweaty. You can only imagine what he just...
Aeronautics Airbus pitched weighed down by fines and the A400M e1581963067231

Aeronautics: Airbus pitched, weighed down by fines and the A400M

Paris: Airbus announced Thursday a net loss of 1.36 billion euros (1.45 billion francs) in 2019, affected in particular by fines of 3.6 billion in...
Italy witnesses second death due to Corona Virus e1582366119244

Italy witnesses second death due to Corona Virus

A second person, who tested positive for the new coronavirus, died in Italy where around thirty cases of contamination have been identified so far,...

Austria quarantines two Areas: Entire Paznaun Valley and Galtur

The EU Commission provides 37 billion euros of emergency aid for the economy. US President Donald Trump considers a postponement of the Olympic...
Coronavirus Germany in the corona crisis A country is Braking

Coronavirus: Germany in the corona crisis-A country is Braking

Eine young woman pulling the collar of her jacket open in front of her face and coughed into it. Together with the two other...
Social isolation keep the virus at a distance

Social isolation: keep the Coronavirus at a distance

Can you keep the Corona pandemic flat? For days you have been hearing from the highest point and you can see this desired image...
Serious collision in the La Vérendrye wildlife reserve e1581946426278

Serious collision in the La Vérendrye wildlife reserve

A woman is in critical condition following a collision between a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and a truck on Route 117 in the La...

China and the Coronavirus: The End of a Conspiracy Theory

The Chinese government refrains from the conspiracy theory that the new coronavirus was developed by the American military and introduced to Wuhan during the...