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Sunday, August, 7, 2022

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Sudan.. A fifth public university suspends studies indefinitely

Al-Neelain State University in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, announced, on Tuesday, the suspension of studies for an indefinite period. Thus, "Al-Neelain" will be the fifth...

Iraq.. Antiquities dating back 4,300 years (BC) were found in Erbil

The Directorate of Antiquities in Erbil Governorate in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq announced, on Tuesday, the discovery of clay artifacts dating back...
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Morocco .. an electronic campaign to adopt English in education instead of French

Activists from Morocco launched an electronic campaign to adopt English instead of French in education, describing the latter as "shabby". This came in posts and...

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Online and Distance Learning for Your Postgraduate Studies

Once you have made the considered and extremely well thought out decision to take your education to the next level and study for a...
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PhD education and some reflections

Many pursue a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree each year in the world. In fact, PhD education is very significant not only for the...

Thesis supervisors and some reflections

Of course, academic supervisors play very important roles for students especially thesis students at Masters, Ph.D., and Post-doctoral levels. Academic supervisors are indispensable for...
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Russia decides to abandon the International Space Station (ISS)

Russia will stop using the ISS after 2025, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said. For flights into deep space, a transport and energy complex with...

12 Nursing Specialties That Are Super Relevant in 2021

Healthcare career opportunities are opening up every day. Healthcare is projected to grow faster than most other economic sectors in the next ten years,...
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