Eyes turn to the next parliamentary elections in Iran

Eyes turn to the next parliamentary elections in Iran, Principlists have more hopefulness

The eleventh Islamic Parliament elections in Iran will be on February 21, 2020, across the country. Seyed Salaman Samani spokesman of Interior Ministry said...
Google declining interest of indians

What Google can tell us about the declining Indian interest in Literature and Reading

Google Trends is a nifty and ergonomic tool, that offers graphical plotting of search data categorically. It enables various insights in response to search...
Punjab and Himachal in Flood by Bhakra Dam overflown water due to heavy rain

Bhakra Dam Floods Punjab and Himachal Pradesh – Delhi on High Alert

Heavy rain in the regions of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab led the major rivers to overflow. This made the storage of water in Bhakra...
Skill India make in india government of india

How Narendra Modi’s Skill India Programme will benefit the Middle Class

Since India’s working-age popular is the highest in the world, PM Modi’s New Skill India Program is going to be a good initiative for...
Balochistan Independence Movement or Baloch National Movement

Baloch organisations in Australia protested against Pakistani atrocities

Baloch people belong to Balochistan, a state in Pakistan. Since the independence of Pakistan, the Balochistan province is seeking independence too from the rule...
Union Budget 2019

Indian Union Budget 2019: Hits and misses from the start-up and VC perspectives

When the union budget was presented in Lok Sabha on July 05, 2019 by Nirmala Sitharaman, there were several hits and misses for start-ups...
Khalifa of Islam said Rapists should be prosecuted, rape is un-Islamic

Ahmadiyya Khalifa (The Caliph) said crimes committed even by Muslims are totally against the...

The United Kingdom is facing a crisis of immigrants. Many of these immigrants are staying illegally in the UK. During the last 5 years,...
Pashtuns in Pakistan face state negligence

Pashtuns in Pakistan face state negligence; grievance not addressed

Imran Khan's Pakistan government discriminates Pukhtoon, Afghan, or Pathan regions. Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) fighting for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
STAR MOVIES Presents Movie of the month Kill Zone 2

STAR MOVIES Presents Movie of the month Kill Zone 2

Star Movies TV Channel brings movie of the month Kill Zone 2 released in 2016. Action-packed fare featuring Hollywood film star Tony Jaa.
Bangladesh ex-chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha facing persecution SK Sinha, S. K. Sinha, Hindu persecution

Is Bangladesh’s ex-chief justice evading justice or facing persecution?

The only Hindu Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Surendra Kumar Sinha was dismissed. Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina's rule.