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India's First International News Journal

Thursday, August, 18, 2022

Science and Technology


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The EU introduces major changes to Google, Facebook, Twitter: They are threatened with huge fines

At the plenary session, MEPs accepted new standards for a fairer digital market and a safer digital space for users, contained in the Act...

‘Museum of Future’ hosts MetaDecrypt Web 3.0 Summit – Dubai 2022

Dubai since the nineties has been astonishing the world with its inclination toward new technology and advancements. The world's tallest towers, fascinating theme parks,...
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Demand for pirated Windows has skyrocketed in Russia

Over the past 90 days, in the Russian segment of Google, the number of requests to install pirated versions of the Windows operating system...

Unsuccessful launch into orbit: NASA satellite engine shuts down after just 10 minutes

The mission of sending small NASA satellites into orbit to monitor the weather conditions of the rocket company Astra Space was unsuccessful because the...
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Do Jeeps Have Good Resale Value?

You’re seriously considering buying a Jeep for unparalleled off-roading adventures and family hauling, but in this economy, you’re focusing on affordability and bang for...

For the first time… Israel accomplishes a laser interception system

Tel Aviv, Israel / TEH: On Thursday, Israel announced that it had completed, for the first time, a series of experiments on a laser interceptor...
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India Semiconductor Mission Key For A.I. Tech. Supremacy

Tech. Analyst ‘5Jewels Research’ has said that today’s announced Govt. of India’s (GoI) incentive support for Electronic-Semiconductor Manufacturing to the tune of $30 B...

Investment after Corona… the rise of digitization and e-commerce growth opportunities

A few weeks separate us from the second anniversary of the emergence of the Coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan before the virus...
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