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Baghdad Summit..Afghanistan developments dominate the agenda

On Saturday, Iraq will host a conference on "cooperation and partnership", the most prominent of which is French President Emmanuel Macron, and includes a...

Accelerated evacuation from Kabul, 5,200 troops secure the airport

Citing an Allied security official from the scene at Kabul airport, the Reuters news agency reported that the evacuation of civilians was accelerated after...

After 20 years, the Taliban defend bin Laden and al-Qaeda

In the context of its attempts to provide reassurances to the international community, the Taliban returned to talk about the period of Osama bin...

After the Kabul attack, Biden pledges to respond to the perpetrators “accurately and forcefully”

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden vowed to the perpetrators of the suicide attack that targeted Kabul airport, which killed 12 American soldiers and...

Social Alienation or Normlessness as an Alarming Human Condition: The Product of and the...

While every time we comprehend the critical human condition so vulnerable around power, war, and terror, it has been a matter of constant disappointment...
Von der Leyen: Moral duty to protect Afghans-AFGHANISTAN-TALIBAN-EUROPEAN-UNION

Von der Leyen: Moral duty to protect Afghans

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen held a press conference on the situation in Afghanistan after the G7 meeting. "Most European Union staff based...

The “hijacking” of a Ukrainian plane from Kabul turned out to be a machination...

The story with the Ukrainian plane, which was supposed to evacuate the citizens of Independent from Afghanistan, but was "captured" and flew to Iran,...

Taliban through Russia offered agreement to Afghan vice president

A representative of the political office of the Taliban movement visited the Russian embassy in Afghanistan on August 21. He asked diplomats to convey to...

Karzai International Airport Kabul will remain shut down for 48 hours

Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul, Afghanistan will remain closed for 48 hours to evacuate those already at the airport. Thousands of Afghans are currently...

Biden: “We have made a clear message to the Taliban, for every attack on...

US President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Friday to comment on the situation in Afghanistan and the military evacuation of American citizens and...

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