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Religious Freedom – Washington blacklists Pakistan, China and Iran too

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has included Myanmar (Burma), China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan on the list of countries...

Diplomacy is the only way to solve the crisis on the Korean Peninsula

The United Nations said Wednesday that "diplomacy is the only way forward" regarding the crisis on the Korean peninsula. The international confirmation came in response...

North Korea asserts its right to test and possess nuclear weapons

North Korea asserted its legitimate right to develop, test and possess weapons systems equivalent to those of the United States of America. This came in...

“A nice breeze or a storm” .. Kim’s sister expresses readiness for dialogue with...

The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Yo Jong said Saturday that her country intends to take steps towards repairing relations with South...

North Korea begins its summer with a food crisis, heat wave and drought

At the beginning of the summer, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un described the country's food situation as "tense" after the borders were closed due...
An intelligence report reveals the "greatest threat" to US national security

An intelligence report reveals the “greatest threat” to US national security

A US intelligence report said, Tuesday, that China's pursuit of becoming a global power is the greatest threat to US national security, while Russia's...

No case of Coronavirus found in North Korea

The representative of the World Health Organization in North Korea, Edwin Salvador, said that North Korea had informed that it had tested 23,121 people...
President Biden unveils foreign policy program: part of it is dedicated to Russia

President Biden unveils foreign policy program: part of it is dedicated to Russia

Joe Biden's administration published the first National Security Manual. This is a collection of theses, based on which the team of the new US...
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Transfer the post of Kim Jong-un – the Chairman of the state affairs of...

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK has asked to translate into foreign languages ​​the post of the head of state, Kim Jong-un,...
Biden chose his team of diplomats, surrounded himself with Obama's people

Biden chooses his team of diplomats, surrounded himself with Obama’s people

President-elect Joe Biden has filled his diplomatic team with members from the time of President Barack Obama, with a strong desire to "repair" the...