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India's First International News Journal

Tuesday, August, 16, 2022

Topic: Sports betting


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What can the new Gaming Bill (2022) do to prevent Underage Gambling?

Legal and gambling experts join the discussion on the proposed Online Gaming Bill. While it has the merit of moving the matter out of...

How the online gambling industry is impressing us all

Gambling has been around for centuries and wagering on sports events or playing games for money is nothing new. However, the industry is growing...

How to Increase the Interest in Sports

Are you one of those people who skip hanging out with your mates, when they’re gathering to enjoy sports, either on TV or live?...

Find the perfect online entertainment for you

Whenever you are done at work or tired of schoolwork, or whatever else your everyday life is filled with, it is nice with a...

What sports are most popular around the world?

If you’re into sports or would like to know more about what kind of sports exists around the globe, this article might just be...

Betting Tips For Moto Sports Enthusiasts

It is safe to say that moto sports are rather fun to watch. There are many people out there who enjoy watching them and...