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Topic: United States Congress

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The new United States Congress took office and Nancy Pelosi ratifies her political power

The new Congress of the United States took office this Sunday amid an atmosphere of expectation for the definition of the majority in the...

Why Trump gave carpet pardons? from Flynn to Manafort

Donald Trump lost the US presidential election. The political struggle is still going on, but after the Supreme Court "washed its hands", all the...

We were going to give Santa Claus a priority for a propaganda campaign

The US Department of Health has quickly canceled a multi-million dollar publicity campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the coronavirus epidemic. The Deputy...

US Presidential Election and Russia’s Information Warfare – FBI is investigating the emails provided by Trump’s personal lawyer

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating whether e-mails provided by US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer were part of Russia's intelligence...

Puerto Rico ready for referendum on joining the United States

The country of Puerto Rico, which is a freely associated state under the control of the United States, will hold a referendum on the...