An 18-year-old young woman who had touched Quebec when she appeared on the Denis Levesque program is going through its last hours. The woman who has been fighting cancer for 4 years was plunged into a coma on Saturday.

A real fighter who has faced the disease without batting an eyelid most of her life, Annie-Claude Mondor fell into a coma on Saturday afternoon. She has only a short time to live, her mother Nancy Ferland hinted in a post on her Facebook page Sunday morning.

Last December, Annie-Claude Mondor explained, in an interview with Denis Levesque, having prepared his will and having planned his funeral in detail, to avoid this hassle for his parents.


More recently, she said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles that she hopes to change the federal law on benefits for caregivers of children. Currently, this measure allows a caregiver to receive part of their salary for 35 weeks. This is not enough time in the eyes of Annie-Claude, who judges that no parent should be torn between going back to work and looking after their sick child.

The young woman was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an extra-cranial tumor, on December 24, when she was only 4 and a half years old. She had battled the disease for 18 months, followed by a period of remission that left her in peace for 11 years.

Cancer, however, returned to one of her hips when she was 15, attacking her mobility. Despite the treatments, the disease eventually spread, leaving him no chance. She had to start palliative care last summer, shortly after celebrating her 18th birthday.

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