Many homophobic slogans of rare violence, some of which stuck on commemorative plaques. This is the discovery made by the members of the association “Couleur Gaies” this Wednesday in Metz. In the heart of the garden Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, which should be inaugurated in the afternoon (5:30 p.m.) in tribute to these two activists very active during the Stonewall riots which saw LGB activism flourish.

“We decided to maintain the ceremony and leave the stickers to show that homophobia problems are a reality in Metz,” announces Matthieu Gation-Bachette at 20 Minutes. The president of the association that manages the LGBTQ center of the city of Moselle says he is “disgusted, indignant” by what he has seen. “Tackling a symbol like that day is a relentlessness that you don’t understand. It is unacceptable, “he insists, unfortunately, used to similar acts.

In June 2018, the photos of the exhibition Les Couples de la Republique, by Olivier Ciappa, had been vandalized several times in Metz. “All of this raises the question of whether, today, LGBT + activists have their place in public space. Dedicating plaques to them is good, but there needs to be real pedagogy around and we continue to fight for that, ”concludes Matthieu Gation-Bachette.

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