Corona and the Summer Olympics: anger over delay tactics

Postpone the Olympic Games? The IOC didn't even want to talk about it for a long time. Canada's waiver has brought momentum to the debate.

Corona Summer Olympics Anger Delay Tactics
Trying desperately to handle everything: IOC President Thomas Bach

The Bundestag’s sports committee chairwoman severely criticized the four-week deadline announced by the International Olympic Committee until a decision was taken to move the summer games in Tokyo. “I find the decision disrespectful towards the athletes and irresponsible in view of the situation in the world,” said Dagmar Freitag in an interview with the HR information radio on Monday.

This delayed tactic produces “a massive loss of trust” and shows “a blatant leadership failure,” said the SPD politicians. “The athletes run away from Mr. Bach. The Olympia product is at stake. “It is high time that IOC President Thomas Bach understood this. Friday: “The IOC needs to know that whoever does not decide will be decided.”

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