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Home teacher Nowitzki: “needs a lot of patience”

Dallas – Even basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki is in demand as a teacher for his children during the coronavirus crisis.

It is much more difficult than you think. It is very time consuming, it takes a lot of patience. It’s not easy, but it’s fun to spend time with them at home, ”said the 41-year-old at Fox Sports Southwest. “It is difficult for the kids to be out of their routine, not to be able to play with their friends and go to school.”

Schools and other facilities in the US state of Texas are also closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nowitzki and his wife Jessica have three children: Malaika (6), Max (5) and Morris (3).

His family is doing well, the former NBA professional at the Dallas Mavericks reported. “”These are very difficult and unprecedented times.” He also listens to his relatives and friends in Germany almost every day, who are also doing well. My parents are old and have poor health. Of course I really care about a lot of people. I hope everyone gets through it well so we can leave that behind. ”

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