SC Freiburg: New stadium takes longer

The construction of the new Freiburg stadium takes longer due to the Corona crisis. Photo: TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: TEH)

Freiburg – The new stadium of the Bundesliga soccer team SC Freiburg is not finished as planned. “There will definitely be delays in building the stadium,” said SC CFO Oliver Leki, “”.

In view of the corona pandemic, which is also affecting the construction industry, “the extent of the time could not yet be reliably forecast at the present time,” said 47-year-old Leki.

It was originally planned that the team of SC trainer Christian Streich would compete for the first time in the new home for the 2020/21 season in the new 35,000-seat arena in the north of Freiburg. Martin Haag, Mayor of the city, had already described the schedule as “extremely ambitious” at the beginning of the year and before the outbreak of the Corona crisis.


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