In the markets, with a continuous intensification of prices, coinciding with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, and to address attempts to exploit citizens, and protect them from the encouragement of merchants.

In a statement, the deputy affirmed the necessity of protecting the low-income and the incapable and the first-care groups through intensifying the continuous monitoring of prices, more activating the role of consumer protection agencies and controlling the quality and availability of food, and pumping more basic commodities

In the market in reasonable quantities and prices, and goods not to be withheld from the citizens.

Khader also called for, in coordination and cooperation with other supervisory agencies, to tighten market oversight and form committees to intensify market oversight, especially with the presence of merchants supplying prices according to their personal desires, especially with the increased purchase rate of these products during the holy month, and the unconventional mechanisms to provide Realistic consumer protection.

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