Sentop, the 100th anniversary of the Assembly’s opening and the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day because his speech gathered in the Parliamentary General Assembly in a special day, in the square of this feast and the anniversary of the millions of citizens they desire to celebrate with the participation, but participation due to the global epidemic affecting Turkey as well He said that they had to postpone the events they planned for this happy anniversary, to a later date.

Sentop, today, folks will puff up to each individual and pointing out that tomorrow will provide more hopeful look great and important it “today, which makes it a great and important, that a hundred years ago, and precisely in this time, was inaugurated in Turkey who built the Grand National Assembly ceht, effort and meaning. ” said.


Sentop stated that the country faces the threat of annexation and occupation a hundred years ago and the Turkish nation as a prisoner.

“We come in with big losses and defeated the first of our nation as a result of World War II, was desirable to be pushed to be removed from Anatolia, which is the end of freedom stronghold. Turkey, the army has been disbanded and confiscated their weapons, the capital is occupied, a landscape precipitated from the Assembly distributed and economically This was the picture that appeared when Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha came to Samsun on May 19, 1919. But the issue that the invaders and the collaborators who sacrificed their dignity were unable to calculate was the nature and spiritual force of our cherished nation, full of historical honour and success. Those who know the nature and are aware of that spiritual force have burned the National Struggle torch, which will wrap the surface of the whole country in a short time regardless of the conditions that seem disappointing and stifling. “


Sentop, with the efforts and courage of the nation, started from Samsun and passed through Amasya, Erzurum, Sivas and finally, Ankara stops, and turned into a total resurrection, which turned into a total resurrection by turning into the slogan of “Yalaslal or death”. He said he was.

Emphasizing that it is not right to see the National Struggle as a memory of the past, Sentop said, “The National Struggle that started in Samsun and ended in victory in İzmir is not the process that started and ended in a certain period of history, it is the name of the consciousness that makes it necessary to act uninterruptedly and decisively in the direction of independence. ” said.


Sentop said that it is necessary to touch upon an important issue while realizing the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

“The leadership of the cadre who believed in liberation and the National Struggle won by the determination of the nation has two principles: The first of these principles is the goal of full independence, the other is the principle of the struggle for the goal of full independence based on the national will. Our Gazi Assembly is not the result of the National Struggle, but the centre and headquarters itself. We are obliged to know what we remember and celebrate. It is the symbol of taking on all kinds of struggles for the sake of full independence at all costs. Let’s solve our problems with western states through diplomacy. Fighting is adventurous. ‘ ‘No state is bigger than our dignity,’ he said. It is a national headquarters that places its determination in the centre of its existence. This Assembly, which we remember for the 20th anniversary, is against Gazi Mustafa Kemal’s Amasya ‘Unionist, No Ententeism’ against some of the cooperators who cooperate with the occupation forces due to the hatred and ambition of the Unionists. There is a country issue. ‘ It is a centre that will guide its will. ” This Assembly, which we remember for the 100th anniversary, is against Gazi Mustafa Kemal’s Amasya ‘Unionist, No Ententeism’ against some of the gang members who cooperate with the occupation forces due to his hatred and ambition for the Unionists. There is a country issue. ‘ It is a centre that will guide its will. ” This Assembly, which we remember for the 100th anniversary, is against Gazi Mustafa Kemal’s Amasya ‘Unionist, No Ententeism’ against some of the gang members who cooperate with the occupation forces due to his hatred and ambition for the Unionists. There is a country issue. ‘ It is a centre that will guide its will. “



Sentop pointed out that another important feature of the First Assembly, which manages this sacred move as the headquarters and headquarters of the National Struggle, is its ability to head towards a common national goal while preserving its differences.

Pointing out that one side of politics and democracy is “conflict” and the other side is “compromise”, Sentop said:

“Turning these differences into an incurable grudge; turning the differences of opinion into a blood feud, as well as being inconclusive will mean pushing the nation into a trap of honour. Mehmet Akif and Cami Baykurt, Diyap Aga, who ruled the National Struggle a century ago. Hamdullah Suphi, Huseyin Avni Ulas and Kilic Ali, Hasan Basri Cantay and Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, Ali Sukru Bey and Adnan Adıvar were struggling side by side, shoulder to shoulder in the exact path. But when it comes to moving the Assembly to Kayseri during the Battle of Sakarya, Diyap Aga said, “We came here to die and I will fight until my last bullet.” Then Mehmet Akif, the National Anthem ‘ And I was wondering, “Which crazy man will hit me with a chain?” He said the presence of kükrüyordu.türkiye behalf of the nation, unity and provisions are kept to kastetmedik think, as a way of encouraging the desteklemedik violence, to find a place under the roof of the differences cat vurmadık all of our national purpose and our wealth as a nation-state. It is this spirit that created the First Assembly, succeeded in the National Struggle and is the yeast of our power. “



The President of the Parliament, Sentop, stated that because of the global epidemic that has been experienced in recent months and which is a new experience for humanity, some claim that nothing will be the same in the world anymore, even those who go further and talk about a new global design have emerged. Expressing that their effects will be seen better, Sentop said, “The system that has emerged once more and explicitly on the occasion of this epidemic is that the current system in the world is not sustainable. This brutal, which does not take into account human, differences, poor, some people only have rights and some only duties. and global peace cannot be mentioned unless the unjust order changes. ” he spoke.

Sentop, “The world is bigger than five,” insistently expressed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that this epidemic, which even today is helpless in the face of developed countries. “Live the human so that the state will live.” He pointed out the importance of the principle once again.


If you watch the watch in the direction of events, Turkey will not lead to a deviation or give up their claim on the regional and global levels expressing Sentop, he said:

“Inspiration of the National Struggle and power of the Republic of Turkey cherished nation, the diplomatic table established by the hegemonic power is no longer committed to giving as an actor wanted to contribute to a solution and not as a problem with the title. Whoever each shield or test ignore this commitment, accountability is doomed to see if it is broken. a hundred years ago and completely depleted shield to his feet with the dedication and commitment default period, almost reborn Turkey from the ashes, far more powerful, more enthusiastic and more alive. a hundred years ago, stepped naphthalene can not find some iodine on the wound of soldiers at front Turkey, today the global epidemic he gives medical aid to the helpless states. “


Will be discussed at length what the world would evolve into that direction until Sentop, he said that Turkey would have a say in the new world order and claims. Sentop, “This is so we can be sure that there are two essential reasons: First of the world can no longer be managed more organized this distorted and unfair and, second, Turkey are large and shine on the horizon of humanity as a move alive.” found the assessment.


Today is one of the meaning to side in today’s crucial for the Turkish nation, it is to be a gift to the children belirtensentop, since 23 April 1927 today, the child is celebrated as the feast hatirlatti.sentop, Turkey is one of the works of the parties that make it superior from other states this approach is oldugunadikkat cekerekturki Republic declared in 1927 in the most important national days and festivals for children, one of which can be called at a very early date, 1934, and told the women recognized the right to be elected.


Stating that children and young people have an assertion about the future of their society, Sentop said, “We should educate our children and young people with our national and spiritual values, and raise them as individuals who are in need of independence and freedom, who are equipped with the qualities and qualities required by the age. Our Ministry has great duties for all our ministries and non-governmental organizations. ” he spoke.


Sentop called out to the children and young people in his speech:

“You are a member of a great nation whose history is full of brilliant successes and respect for human values. As you learn about our history and get to know our ancestors, you will find the power to do bigger things. You will grow and strengthen our state as you carry the human virtues and diligence that will benefit the whole of humanity. with large your tough sacrifices and gains with cost and homeland has delegated to you, state and carry civilization values ​​further points it is your elinizdedir.türki my country, but Turkey is our also duty. the reverence we have for our flag, our commitment hear our homeland and our nation further transport ideals of our lives and meaningful way through bright We believe that you will be successful in this way.


At first, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the fight against friends, including, opened all the deputies and dignitaries who served under the roof of Parliament from day one, “Great Turkey” towards martyrdom rising, the veteran and mercy homeland sons of resisting the coup on July 15, gratefulness mother Sentop, the speech, “with glory, honour, health and selametle, in unity and solidarity, a nice path to big-century Turkey.” He finished.


we made the accounting of the future. It is important to make competition and criticism on the basis of politics and not to break from reality. The place we stand as the President of the Republic is a powerful Assembly. We are doing this session during an epidemic. Human beings will learn painfully the importance of living peacefully with nature. “


Highlights from the speech of CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu:

CHP Chairperson Kemal Kilicdaroglu said, “We need to overcome the problems we are experiencing with common sense, reason, logic, knowledge, accumulation, together with our prejudices. Our measure should be based on the interests of our country and nation. Our target should be to crown the Republic with democracy. While throwing, let’s try to solve the problems with this understanding. ” said.

Kilicdaroglu spoke on behalf of his group during the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.


Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Assembly and the 23rd of April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, Kilicdaroglu stated that a great journey that started 101 years ago was the foundation of the Assembly that entered its 100th year.

Kilicdaroglu stated that the first stage of this great journey that the hero of this journey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, departed from Istanbul was completed with the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on Friday, 24 April 1920 at 13.45.


“Domination is unconditionally the nation.” Emphasizing that his word expresses the historical meaning of the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Kilicdaroglu continued his words as follows:

“Parliament, the governing National Liberation War, multiparty live our transition to democracy that decided us to this land, July 15 against the treacherous coup attempt, bombs and bullets rains, the Assembly who own the national will. Parliament, Turkey’s civilized world an It is the Parliament that announces its part to the whole world and defends the right, law and justice by protecting the actions of the Anatolian and Rumeli Defense Council.


Turkey is that there are problems today and in the Parliament, an important role in the 100th anniversary of the opening pointing dropped Kilicdaroglu, “largely to Parliament to neutralize the coup of the source of the problem, the implements they blow laws and these laws are the impact of law occurs as a result of,” he said.

Kilicdaroglu said, “We have to overcome the problems we are experiencing with common sense, reason, logic, knowledge, knowledge, together, without prejudice. Our measure should be based on the interests of our country and nation. Our goal should be to crown the Republic with democracy. Let’s try to solve problems with understanding. ” he spoke.



Kemal Kilicdaroglu, in his speech, listed the articles that he called as “call” consisting of 16 items:

“We should make a new democratic constitution with the participation of all social, political and cultural segments. The basis of this constitution should be based on the principle of” separation of powers “and the principle of” balance/control “should be provided in democracies.

– A new and strong democratic parliamentary system, which we call the backbone of the new constitution as ‘crowning the Republic with democracy’, should be formed. It should not be forgotten that in our republic crowned with democracy, all obstacles to freedom of thought, thought and belief and freedom of association including media and unionization will be removed.


– Independence of the principle of separation of powers and the judicial institution, which is one of the most important pillars of the rule of law, must be ensured. All obstacles to the right to access justice should be removed.

Another important pillar of the principle of separation of powers is legislation. A new electoral system, which will ensure the representation of the national will in the widest form, should be put into practice in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. In addition, a new ‘Political Moral Law’ is needed to strengthen trust between the politician and the citizen.


Another important pillar of the principle of separation of powers is the executive. The executive should be open to absolute control and accountability in all its actions. The Court of Accounts, acting on behalf of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, should audit all public institutions and organizations. The chairmanship of the Final Account Commission to be established in the Turkish Grand National Assembly should also be given to the opposition parties.

– Local governments should be removed from being the regulatory institutions of rent relations and should be turned into essential elements of the welfare state. Within the framework of well-defined cooperation and division of labour, the functions of local governments should be increased.


– In public employment, a merit-based, personnel policy that is free from nepotism (relatives or favouritism) should be urgently adopted.

– Within the scope of merit-based employment policies, “zero” employment deficit should be targeted especially in education, health, social security and security. The future of our children, the health of our citizens, the care of our disabled and elderly, and the internal and external security of our country are created with an indisputable national understanding.


– A minimum income guarantee should be provided to our citizens, and in this context, the ‘Family Benefits Insurance Law’ should be issued immediately. Turkey, in 1971, would remove the Family Assistance Insurance has announced a law society approved by the Parliament. I present to your appreciation, 1971, 2020.

– A fair and audible Public Procurement System should be adopted at democratic standards.

– Tax policy should be restructured to encourage production and employment. The tax burden on wage earners should be reduced to reasonable levels.


– Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) is off the record, one out of every three employees, according to data. Unregistered employment should be tackled by providing social support. It should be known that unionization is the most effective way in this struggle.

– Turkey, within the framework of a new planning approach, the goal of producing products with high added value must be locked. In this context, all production policies should be completely ecological, along with other forms of production.


Unconditional access to health services is a right and should be free. Preventive and primary health care services should be planned accordingly.

Agriculture should be considered as one of the main strategic sectors in planning. In this context, legal regulations should be made regarding the right to access food under healthy conditions.


-Education, the most important of Turkey’s development strategy should be planned in conjunction with stakeholders, and again as the most essential part. The only goal of education policies should be to raise generations that are ‘free of mind, free of wisdom and free of conscience’. In our universities, all kinds of ideas and thoughts should be discussed freely; any scientific study should be carried out freely. “


Kemal Kilicdaroglu said that when the 16 issues he listed were brought to life with free will, politics would turn out to be a field of controversy, rather than a vicious contention.


Kilicdaroglu said:

“Because of the Kovid-19 outbreak, politicians, scientists, NGOs and officials of international organizations say,” Nothing will be the same anymore. ” So at least we have to ask ourselves this question: ‘If nothing will be the same as before, what will the future be like?’

This talk is a bit of an answer to this question. If we crown our republic with true democracy, we will be sure to be an example to all oppressed nations. These high democratic standards to our children when we do, leave a livable Turkey. We will have fulfilled not only the needs of our children but also the history and responsibility of history. “


CHP leader Kilicdaroglu commemorated with respect to the deputies who reached the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, especially Grand Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and the deputies who participated in the studies.

Kilicdaroglu expressed his gratitude to the citizens who lost their lives in the Kovid-19 epidemic, the security forces martyred in the fight against terrorism, and patience to their relatives, and they also thanked the veterans and healthcare professionals.



Semih Yalcin, Deputy Minister of MHP, talked about what happened in the establishment of the Assembly. Semih Yalçın noted that the dizzying events took place from the Armistice of Mondros until April 23, 1920, and that the First Assembly was the manifestation of the national will. Yalçın said, “There has been no other parliament in history that fought for independence and based on national will and legitimacy. In this respect, the First Parliament is a parliamentary assembly. The integrity is the quarrel of those who pass through the past, mother, and ser for the sake of the independence of the nation. “

HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar made a speech in a private session. In the private session, all parties that were deputies in the Assembly were given the right to speak. Accordingly, the representatives of the parties with the group were given the right to speak 10 minutes, and the parties without the group were given the right to speak for 3 minutes.