Such claims were made by Bolsonaro, who is far-right, on Facebook, but later deleted , France 24 reports.

He asked if “this is a WHO whose coronavirus advice some want me to follow,” and he wrote in a statement circulating on social networks about WHO’s recommendations on sexual education:

“For children up to four years of age: Pleasure and enjoyment while touching, masturbation. For children four to six years of age: Gender identity, masturbation, same-sex relationships. Nine to 12 years: The first sexual experience. ”


This information can be found in the guide “Standards of Sexual Education in Europe” published by the German Federal Center for Health Education and the WHO European Office.

These “recommendations” are not the focus of a guide explaining that children discover their bodies at the youngest age and that such behaviours are normal. In fact, the publishers in the book neither call nor encourage the behaviour that Bolsonaro wrote about.

He has previously had conflicts with the World Health Organization and has repeatedly questioned their advice on social distance and other measures against coronavirus, Klix reports.

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